Class 9

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Abraham Lincoln c9

English essay biography on Abraham Lincoln American Prsident

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An adventure you had when you went on a picnic one day c9

essay on adventure picnic family outing day outing lost and found botanical gardens

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Fire in my neighbourhood c9

english essay on fire in my neighbourhood, calamities, fire from short circuit, brave work of fireme..

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Gautama Buddha c9

English essay on Gautama Buddha also popularly referred to as Buddha, is the founder of the Buddhism..

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Guru Nanak Dev c9

english essay on Guru Nanak Dev the founder of Sikhism, one of the largest religions in the world

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Jesus Christ c9

english essay on Jesus Christ worshipped by the Christians who regard him as Christ meaning king or ..

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Martin Luther King Jr c9

english essay on Martin Luther King Jr social activist led Civil Rights Movement in USA

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Mother Teresa c9

english essay on Mother Teresa famous for her charity work toward the poor

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A pet animal should be adopted by every home c9

English essay on a pet animal should be adopted by every home

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Satyajit Ray c9

english essay biography important person by far

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Sister Nivedita c9

english essay on Sister Nivedita played an important role in the Independence of India

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Streamer or launch trip to the Sunderbans c9

english essay on Streamer or Launch trip to the Sunderbans Bidyadhari River bengal tiger mangrove de..

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A trip to Chitwan National Park in Nepal c9

Chitwan National Park in Nepal a rich habitat of various birds animals insects and one-horned rhinoc..

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Educational excursion to Sunderbans c9

english essay on Excursion to Sunderbans World's largest mangrove delta in Bay of Bengal Sea home to..

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A visit to puri c9

Puri famous Jagannath Temple were among the major attractions we were looking forward to visit

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nodir dhare bon vojon c9

bengali essay nodir dhare bon vojon Gadiara picnic by the riverside for class 8-9

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potho durghotona gari ultey c9-10

bengali essay potho durghotona gari ultey road accident car turned turtle for class 9-10

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vidyasagar c9-10

biography of Vidyasagar, scholar, philosopher, social reformer and Bengali author for class 9-10

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Hurricane Dean of 2007 c9s4

english article on hurricane Dean 2007 formation path effects damages aftermath for school students

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ek jora jutor attokotha c8-9

bengali essay on ek jora jutor attokotha autobiography of a pair of shoes for class 8-9

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siter thanda sokal c9

bengali essay cold winter morning

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