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26 January - Indian Republic Day c10

26th of January 1950 is regarded as red letter day in history of India

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Dr A P J Abdul Kalam c10

English Essay on Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Indian scientist and politician 11th President of India

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Nelson Mandela c10

English Essay on Nelson Mandela political leader South Africa opposing, bringing end to apartheid Es..

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Prophet Muhammad c10

English Essay on Prophet Muhammad messenger of Allah Islam

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Raja Ram Mohan Roy c10

english essay on Raja Ram Mohan Roy of Bengal India, Father of Indian Renaissance

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Ramakrishna Paramhansa c10

english essay on Swami Ramakrishna Paramhansa of Bengal India for school students

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Swami Vivekananda c10

english school essay on Swami Vivekananda

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Calcutta (Kolkata) book fair c10

English Essay on Calcutta Kolkata Book Fair for school students

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Disposal of damaged or soiled Indian National Flag c10

english essay on disposal of damaged or soiled Indian national flag

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ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 c10

English Essay on ICC Cricket World Cup 2015

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Imagine you are an astronaut travelling through space

school creative writing on astronaut travelling through space

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Me and my big mouth! c10

English Essay Me and my big mouth! gift of the gab big mouth boastful bragging beat your own drums

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Modern day technology in our lives c10

Essay on Modern Day Technology in our lives for School Children

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Nepal earthquake of 2015 c10

The Gorkha or Nepal earthquake struck near Kathmandu capital city of Nepal April 25, 2015

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Race for development is pushing India towards environmental disaster c10

english essay on Race for development is pushing India towards environmental disaster

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Reckless tram on Kolkata roads c10

creative writing based on true news report driverless tram trundling out of a depot

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A short summer holiday - Amritsar and Kashmir Srinagar c10

english essay on short summer holiday - Amritsar, Kashmir Srinagar

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Hazards of plastic usage c10

english essay on hazards of plastic usage for school students

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Ideal society c10

English Essay on Ideal Society Perfect Equal Community Equality among all

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Importance of discipline c10

english essay on Importance of Discipline for school students

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My school c10

english essay on my school for students

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National flag of India - symbol of our sovereignty c10

english essay on National flag of India - symbol of our sovereignty

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Visit to an Art Exhibition c10

english essay on visit to an art exhibition

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potho durghotona gari ultey c10

bengali essay potho durghotona gari ultey road accident car turned turtle for class 9-10

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vidyasagar c10

bengali biography of Vidyasagar, scholar, philosopher, social reformer and Bengali author for class ..

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ekti ghorir attokotha c10

bengali essay ekti ghorir attokotha autobiography of a clock for class 10

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voomi kompo kobolito Nepal 2015 c10

bengali essay voomi kompo kobolito Nepal 2015 Nepal earthquake for class 10

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Tropical Cyclone Hudhud 2014 c10s35

english article essay on Tropical Cyclone Hudhud 2014 for students

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Autobiography of Hudhud Tropical Cyclone of 2014 c10s35A

english essay autobiography of the tropical cyclone Hudhud of 2014 for class 10

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Cape Verde Hurricanes c10s40

english article on Cape Verde Hurricanes for school students class 10

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ekti chhera takar attokotha c10

bengali essay on ekti chhera takar attokotha autobiography of a torn currency note class 10

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ekti chosmar attokotha c9-10

bengali essay on ekti chosmar attokotha autobiography of a pair of spectacles for class 9-10

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ekti bot gacher attokotha c10

bengali essay ekti bot gacher attokotha autobiography of a banyan tree for class 10

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