Class 7

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A rainy day c7

English essay on rainy day monsoon deluge for class 7

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An unpleasant journey c7

English essay on unpleasant journey for class 7

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Child labour c7

English school essay deprived childhood victim of child labour for class 7

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Day without electricity c7

Power cut could not watch favourite TV programme English school essay for class 7

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Delay at the railway station c7

Train delayed scene at railway station English essay for class 7

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My favourite holiday destination - Puri c7

Puri most favourite holiday destination English essay for school students class 7

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Shoot animals with a camera and not with a gun c7

Animals play an important role save them don't shoot with English school essay for class 7

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The book fair at Kolkata c7

book fair is all about books knowledge English school essay for class 7

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The monsoon season c7

monsoon signals relief from scorching summer heat English school essay for class 7

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Abacus - the ultimate calculating tool for children c7

difficulties lead to invention of counting devices school English essay for class 7

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kolkatar boi mela c7

bengali school essay kolkatar boi mela calcutta book fair for students of class 7

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patal rail c7

bengali school essay on patal rail metro rail kolkata for students of class 7

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purono bondhur songe dekha c7

bengali school essay purono bondhur songe dekha meeting old friend for class 7

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amar posa kukur kalu c7-8

bengali school essay amar posa kukur kalu my pet dog kalu for class 7-8

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banglar ritu boichitro c7-8

bengali school essay banglar ritu boichitro seasonal differences in bengal for class 7-8

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vromon kahini puri c7-8

bengali school essay vromon kahini puri visit to puri odisha for class 7-8

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mou machir attokotha c6-7

bengali essay mou machir attokotha autobiography of a bee for class 6-7

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